iron sheet powder coated sheet


iron sheet powder coated sheet

Sandblasting and Powder Coating Sheet Metal Toolbox

Sandblasting the Piece to Get Rid of Rust and Prepare the Surface.First step was to sandblast theChemical Washing Your Piece to Further Prepare the Piece,Removing Oils Etc From YourPre-baking.Next up,hang up the piece to dry a bit first.While it is hanging there,turn on the ovenPreparing the Powder Coating Equipment.While the piece is pre-baking,this is the perfect time toPowder Coating Your Piece.Keeping the nozzle a few inches away from the piece,turn on the gunFinal Baking and Curing.In the final step,CAREFULLY move the piece to the oven.Since thepowder coated galvanized iron sheet,powder coated ·Galvanized coating is the application of zinc coating to prevent corrosion or rusting from the steel or iron structure.The application of zinc on a steel structure is a process called ''galvanization.''.This process was first invented and developed in France and England in 1837,in which a sheet of iron or steel was dipped in a molten zinc bath and cooled (a method called hot dip galvanization).


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