plate price per metric ton


plate price per metric ton

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Steel Price (USA) Historical Charts,Forecasts, Newsfocus-economicsSteel 2016-2021 Data 2022-2023 Forecast Price tradingeconomicsSteel Pricing Weekly Averageunarcorack2020 Steel Price Forecast General SteelgensteelAMM Steel Prices Full ListammRecommended to you based on what's popular Feedbacksteel plate price per metric ton,steel plate price per and up $214 (17.8%) from the record peak of $1,203 per tonne ($1,091 nt) on July 28,2008.China $658 per metric tonne,ex-works up $24 from $634 two weeks ago,up $427 per tonne from the recent low of $231 on Dec.14,2015 and up $251 per tonne from theFile Size 451KBPage Count 16How Much Does Steel Plate Cost? Steel Grade.Someone buying a car can expect to pay more for a top-of-the-line SUV than theyOrder Quantity.As with anything,buying in bulk often lowers per unit costs.The same is true withFuture Needs.Dont have a bulk-quantity need? No problem.Your needs over time can still impactSteel Grade Origin.The country of origin where the steel material is produced can play a largeRequired Processes.Requesting steel material that is cut,drilled or cleaned will likely add toSteel Material Location.It is costly in both time and dollars to transport steel material due toGrade Liquidation.Occasionally,a steel supplier may have too much of a non-standard size orSupplier Niche.When sourcing steel materials,partnering with a niche supplier can save greatlyMarket Regulation.How could we not mention the elephant in the room? Market regulation canNatural Disasters.Unpredictable and unstoppable,natural disasters can be devastating.United States Steel Prices - Dollars per Metric TonnePRICE CHANGE CHANGE% UNIT #1 Busheling Scrap 567.00 0 0% $US/MT #1 Heavy Melting Scrap 403.00 0 0% $US/MT Cold-rolled Coil 1624.00 0 0% $US/MT Hot-rolled Band 1417.00 0 0% $US/MT Shredded Scrap 431.00 0 0% $US/MT Standard Plate 1248.00 0 0% $US/MT


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